The HARBERT Family of Harrison County, West Virginia

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I would like to dedicate this web page to the memory of my grandfather, Hallie Lafayette Harbert [1890-1968], whose desire it was to gather and record the History of the HARBERT Family. His research tools were limited to personal knowledge/recollection, direct family contact, correspondence via mail, and possibly an occasional telephone call. Before he died his work was published in a booklet entitled "History of The Descendants of Noah J. Harbert" [his grandfather and grandson of Thomas Harbert [Sr] first of the HARBERT family to settle in Harrison County in 1775.]

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My personal interest in HARBERT FAMILY history was kindled and assisted by his earlier research. I began with the information in his booklet and currently have over 8500 individuals in my database and growing. Although I entitled this Web Page: "The HARBERT Family of Harrison County, West Virginia," I have included Thomas (Sr) Harbert's ancestry back to Richard HARBERT/HERBERT who emigrated to New Jersey in the 1600's from Great Britain, and have traced his descendants as they migrated from coast to coast.

If you're interested in obtaining the information in my entire database I will be glad to try to accommodate you. You may contact me via e-mail at
If you are a HARBERT or are a descendant of the HARBERT family, I would greatly appreciate any information or old photos you could provide to add to our Family Tree.